Pink Fire Pointer Modern Interior Design

Modern Interior Design

When you buy your first home, the major decision is always how to decorate it. What kind of feel do you want in your home? Do you like a relaxed country feel? Or are you more drawn to modern interior design? Modern designs are very popular, and are easy to achieve on your own. With just a little bit of work, your home can look like a professional designed it.

What Is Modern Interior Design?

While you often hear that a home has a modern interior design style, many people don’t know what that actually means. Modern style originated in the 1930s, and is characterized by clean, sleek lines. Furniture and other furnishings are often streamlined with strong geometric shapes. There are large open spaces, and are often large windows, usually with no window coverings. A modern interior design usually features a neutral color scheme – whites, creams, grays, and blacks – with a lot of tone-on-tone fabrics. Surfaces are generally sleek and polished, and art and accessories often feature geometric shapes or forms that make a statement and add to the overall feel of the room.

Creating A Modern Space

Designing a modern interior to your home starts with colors. Choose neutral colors such as black, gray, and brown, and use tonal qualities of those colors throughout the room. For example, a beautiful modern bedroom might be decorated in browns, with light brown walls, medium brown bedding, and dark brown lacquered furniture. A dining or living area might feature blacks and grays, with light gray or cream-colored walls. And a kitchen with a modern interior design will likely feature stainless steel appliances and white walls and cabinets. You can also look through design magazines and websites for ideas on how to add to the basics without a lot of extra work. For example, in the bedroom, you can paint one accent wall a darker shade of brown, and use a variety of shades of brown on pillowcases and blankets to add depth to the design.