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Interior Design Schools and Education

You may have decided to become an interior designer, but just some experience in decorating homes is not going to help you become a great interior designer with the most coveted jobs. You need some formal education for interior designing. These schools are going to deal with a technical stuff that you never knew you needed. These schools will teach you about history of interior designing, computer aided drawing and designing, architecture and space planning. There are certain rules and regulations that all students of interior design need to be aware of, such as those about fire laws, handicap access, sound and lighting design and building regulations. All of these are important from the technicality part of interior design.

Every interior design student needs to clear National Council for Interior Design Qualification or NCIDQ Exam. This exam is of extreme importance as it gives the student the required credentials to become a qualified interior designer. These interior design schools prepare the students for this exam. But remember there are some qualification criteria for this exam. The student has to have six years of experience including interior design education and must include two years of post secondary education.

If you cannot go to a regular school for interior design education, there are always other options, and these days the Internet makes anything possible. There are countless online Interior Design degrees available and many of these are accredited. They give lecture and studio lessons from a school close to you. You can choose to do this if you are working and do not want to quit for a full time course.